The Lazy Man's guide To Advanced Keyword research

The Lazy Man’s Guide to (Advanced) Keyword Research

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Give it a minute and think about it. Reread it if you have to. Hint: There is no right answer. But I want you to pause and reflect on what parameters you are using to choose an answer? I

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What is a niche and how to find your niche

What Is a Niche and How to Find Your Niche?

“Everyone from the age of 18-55”, he said.  He was the fifth person on the same day to give me the same answer when I asked: “Who is your target audience?” And I knew he wouldn’t be the last. There will be many more to come who will respond the

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How I ranked with zero backlinks

How I Ranked for 2400 Keywords with Zero Backlinks

Actually, I lied. We didn’t rank for 2400 keywords. We ranked for 14,000 keywords in total. And we did get backlinks—about 70 of them.  But not a single one of them was “built” by us. Here is a screenshot to back my claims. And because of this, we are getting

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How to scale your digital marketing agency

How to Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency? You Can’t

Hold your horses.  Before you jump at me with your idealistic pitchforks, allow me to explain myself. I have noticed a pattern in the way most digital marketers operate.  They educate themselves about digital marketing for quite some time, and are presented with two options; get a job or go

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Why content without context is useless

Here Is Why Content Without Context Is Useless

In my everyday life, I deal with a lot of content; be it as a consumer or a creator. I would like to share a few insights about content with you today. Particularly, how content without context is useless, and trust me, by the end of it, I would have

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How to get a million visitors to your blog

How to Get 1 Million Visitors to Your Personal Blog

“OPEN YOUR ANALYTICS!!”, she yelled even before I had opened my laptop. Not exactly the kind of greeting I was hoping on a Monday, but I bought it. “There are 6173 real-time visitors on the blog right now!”, she was still jumping. I had never seen a number like that

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