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Become a Highly Paid Content Marketer

(Learn The Skills & Tools You Need To Get Your Dream Content Marketing Job in 10 Weeks with the Content Marketing Career Kickstarter Program)

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Average Salary of
Content Marketers in India

+ 30000

Content Marketer
job openings in India

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Shweta became one of the highest rated content writer on Pepper Content

Shweta is a skincare blogger. She landed her first brand deal in 2021 after completing the program! Now, she earns ₹ 50,000 per month writing for beauty and skin care brands!

Bhavik landed his dream Content Marketing Job with a CTC of ₹12 Lakhs

Bhavik was a struggling digital marketer. After this program, he landed a job in an AI writing company (LongShot AI) as a Content Strategist with 12 Lakhs CTC. Plus he is earning more than ₹15,000 per month from Pepper Content as a Content Writer

Renjini started her Content Agency that makes over ₹1,00,000/month

Renjini was a teacher before she joined CMCK Program. After completing the program, she started her own content marketing agency “Truly converting content”
which makes a revenue of more than ₹ 1,00,000 per month.

I know it’s your dream. 🤩

To become a successful content marketer, driving creative campaigns for the top brands and proudly showing your work to the world.

You want to become a content marketer because you know the opportunity.

You know that today, every brand is looking to create content and use it to build their brand.

You know that great content marketing is what creates a signal over noise.

But what you DON’T know is how actually to BECOME a Content Marketer. 🥲

Where do you begin? What do you do after you begin? How to create a portfolio? 🤔

I am sure you have tried to find answers to these questions on your own and bumped into some very generic advice like:

“Create content for the user”

“You need to change your mindset”

“Focus on the positives and not on the negatives”

But nobody is talking about HOW to actually DO it.

How do you come up with content ideas?

How do you understand and write for the user?

How do you start creating content? How do you structure it?

How to market the content you have created?

Should you create content differently for different platforms?

How to design a career in content marketing?

Should you go for a full-time job or freelance?

So many questions. Yet, barely any answers.

That’s Why I Created the Content Marketing Career Kickstarter (CMCK) Program

Since 2009, I’ve worked with brands like Mercedes Benz India, Nikon, Yourstory, HDFC, Thrillophilia, Vakil Housing & helped them with their Content Marketing and SEO.

I’ve experienced the most common challenges, hiccups and missing pieces that most people struggle with when it comes to starting a career in content marketing.

I’ve condensed my decade-long experience into a robust 10-week training program with a strong community to support you through the entire process.

This is not some self-paced, do-it-yourself course where you watch some videos and do nothing. You can find that anywhere.

This is a 100% practical training program where you will learn by DOING Content Marketing and be industry-ready with experience in 10 weeks.

Trust me, you will learn & achieve more in 10 weeks than most people do in 10 years.

If You Are Ready To Learn Content Marketing, A True Life-Changing Skill, And Build a Fulfilling Career, Then Join Me In The Content Marketing Career Kickstarter (CMCK) Program

Here’s exactly what you will be learning and achieving in 10 weeks

The most simple yet effective way to write content even if you have NEVER written before.

Result after this module

You will learn how to come up with content ideas, and create effective user personas that will help you empathise with your users and use the 6-step framework to create your first piece of content.

The step-by-step guided process of writing your first Listicle using the Listicle framework that has allowed me to create server-crashing viral content multiple times.

Result after this module

In this module, you will learn not just how to create content but also CURATE content. You will learn to use Google like a pro to research for your topic and create easy-to-consume listicles for your niche.

How to create evergreen content that is optimised for the search engines and helps you attract constant traffic.

Result after this module

You will understand the basics of keyword research and how to write optimised content using the layered approach and keep them hooked till the end.

Learn the art of writing content on LinkedIn that is NOT motivation or selfies but still drives magnetic engagement.

Result after this module

Use the content matrix to come up with content ideas, and use a proven framework to write scroll-stopping content on Linkedin PLUS learn how to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

Discover the art of using Twitter effectively and driving followers and sales through your content.

Result after this module

You will learn how to create twitter threads from scratch or repurpose content to create twitter threads, learn how to engage with other users.

Learn the basics of visual design to create visual content that can be used on Instagram or other social media.

Result after this module

Understand typography and other design elements to make visually appealing content.

Steal my long-form landing page copy framework that has generated 1 crore+ in revenue not once, not twice but many times over.

Result after this module

Learn the art of converting words into cash using proven copywriting formulas and go deep into behavioural psychology.

How you can drive sales using Case Studies by tapping into your customers’ success stories and converting raw data into a story.

Result after this module

Understand the Story Arc implemented by best selling authors and use it for case studies (and for other types of content).

Learn the 5-step Email Sequence that has allowed me to build deep relationships with more than 35,000 people.

Result after this module

Understand the concept of open loops used by Netflix shows that keep the viewers hooked and use it for emails to build a relationship with your audience without effort.

Make your content work for you (and not the other way around) by aligning your content with business goals.

Result after this module

You would become a holistic content marketer who can create content assets consistently that drives growth by strategising, planning and executing content marketing.


Apart From This You Will Also Learn And Become Job Ready With..

Resume Makeover

Learn how to make the perfect resume in the right format

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

Build the perfect profile for better connections and opportunities

Crack the Content Marketing Interview

Prepare and crack the Content Marketing interview and impress them with your skills

Salary Negotiation

Know your worth and get the salary you deserve

In the Content Marketing Career Kickstarter program, There Are 10 Weeks Of Learning, Which Is Supplemented By 10 Easy-To-Do, Fun Assignments That Will Help You Understand The Concepts From A Practical Perspective







What’s Included In Content Marketing Career Kickstarter (CMCK) Program

The CMCK program is a fully guided learning journey. Attend training sessions, get motivated with cashback to implement everything you learn practically with the support of your mentors and a super helpful community

Core Training Sessions with Sanjay Shenoy

Attend interactive training sessions and understand every concept of Content Marketing in a planned, easy to understand and detailed manner.

CMCK Session Recordings

If you can’t make it to the training session, don’t worry, you will be getting lifetime access to all the recordings of the training session.

Resources & Bonuses

You will be given access to all the resources and tools you will need to complete your assignments and learn Content Marketing practically.

Mentors and Community

You will be added to a private WhatsApp community that will have mentors, CMCK team members and peers who will support you through the entire journey.

Read what our previous students have to say about CMCK Program (formerly HIIT Content)

That’s not all, you will…

Get access to Content Marketing tools and resources worth ₹ 25,250 when you join the Content Marketing Career Kickstarter (CMCK) Program

Pre-Recorded Content Marketing Mastery Course​

worth ₹ 10,000​

Pre-Recorded Weekend Blogging Workshop

worth ₹ 5,250

Headline Swipe File with 120+ proven headlines

worth ₹ 5,000

User Persona Template

worth ₹ 5,000

Course Completion Certificate


Private WhatsApp Community​


Guided Support

When you join the CMCK program you get the support of our amazing team and community members, who will guide you and support you at each step and make the entire learning process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

Sanjay Shenoy

Lead Instructor

Nivedita Baliga

Assessment Support

Jackson Monichan

Community Mentor

Juneeth Panjri

Community Support



CMCK is a practical training program. Unlike other courses that teach you only the theory, in this program, you will learn by doing.

And you won’t be doing this alone, because you will have others in your cohort, who will be at the same level as you through this journey.

You will also be helped by experienced mentors who will solve any doubts you may have with dedicated Q&A sessions.

Absolutely. The program is designed to help you understand from a fundamental level and build it up to advanced concepts.

The only requirement is that you know how to use a browser. I have a feeling that if you are reading this landing page, you are automatically qualified to take part in this program.

Don’t worry about it. I can understand if writing terrifies you. Most people who join this program would have never written a word before but yet become confident creators by the end of this program.

Thanks to my content framework, you should be able to write content that users will love.

The program will last for 10 weeks. But if you include the orientation and the graduation session, then it will be 12 weeks.

Can’t make it to the training session? No problem! All sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recordings.

I would say you will need a minimum of 5-7 hours of commitment per week.

Yes, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate that you can proudly show to your friends and family.

No. All you need to invest if your time and effort. Everything else you need will be provided to you.

You will be receiving your cashback via UPI ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc). Having a UPI ID is mandatory to join this program.

The fees and different payment plans for the training program will be revealed and explained in the demo sessions only.


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