About Me

About Me

Well, like most of them, I accidentally became a Digital Marketer.

Let me tell you my story.

It was about 10 years ago, when a more naive Sanjay, was scouring the internet for some side cash.

After trying and failing at multiple things, I bumped into Freelancer.com and saw that there were a lot of projects, most of them related to SEO, which was open and paying good money. Despite not knowing anything about SEO, I went ahead and bid for these projects.

Spoiler alert! Nothing happened.

I realised it’s not as simple and I had to build my reputation to get any of these projects and more importantly, I should understand how to pitch to these clients.

So I went ahead and posted an SEO project myself with a healthy budget to attract the best bids. I then collated all the bids, observed how they were bidding and took the best parts from them and made a fantastic pitch.

I then went and looked for projects to bid on, and I won the first project that I bid on! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, what I had promised and how to deliver what I had promised.

But I slogged it out and delivered the project successfully.

The first $400 had hit my account.

And that’s how my journey as a Digital Marketer started.

I quickly set up an agency in Bangalore and started consulting clients from all over the world. I then moved to Singapore for my MBA, and I grabbed this opportunity to bag some clients in Singapore too.

I did this for about 4 years before realising that there was so much more to learn about running a business.

I started hunting for startups to work for and chanced upon a startup called Thrillophilia. This is where I truly experienced the power of SEO and Content Marketing at scale, bringing in millions of sessions in organic traffic along with viral social media campaigns.

I wanted to be sure whether what I learnt and experienced in Thrilliphilia is replicable. That’s when I joined Explara, an event ticketing platform. Here, I set up a blog from scratch and took it to 100K sessions in just 6 months. I managed to get one blog so viral that, it got us over 500,000 sessions in just a couple of days and almost crashed our servers.

Now that I had a replicable model, I moved on to work with other startups in the fintech and edutech sectors bringing in similar results.

But as they say, once you are an entrepreneur, you are always an entrepreneur.

I co-founded PixelTrack Digital, where we train people in digital marketing. We have trained more than 10,000 students so far, and I would like to believe we have the largest Facebook group in the world for digital marketers.

I have also consulted Fortune 500 companies like Mercedes Benz India, Nikon and a multitude of startups, including YourStory, to help with their content creation and promotion.

I am also lucky to be a part of the Digital Master’s Alliance, a group of 9 digital marketers, from around the country. We conduct the Digital Masters Conference, in collaboration with SuccessGyan, a revolutionary training company who has worked with speakers like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and many more.

The Digital Masters Conference happens around the country through the year where we speak and share our knowledge to business owners and transform them to go digital.

I have also had the opportunity to be a TEDx speaker and no prizes for guessing what my topic was. Yes, it was about content; how content without context is useless to be specific.

I am also a bit of an adventure junkie. I have trekked the Himalayas for a week, rode for 1700 km across the north-eastern states of India on a motorcycle, played with crocs and snakes in Sri Lanka, almost drowned but had a great time at a surf camp in Bali.

I also explored the northern villages through the tropical jungles of Bali on a motocross bike and trekked an active volcano, danced through the night of the full-moon party in Thailand, jumped off a 50 feet high waterfall and went shark diving in the Philippines, went solo backpacking across Europe and some south east-Asian countries. I truly feel alive when I do all of this and they make the best stories 🙂

While I am not doing all of this, I am into strength training, beatboxing, playing football, juggle (figuratively and literally) and play with my dog, Max.

I am trying to put the marketing back into digital marketing on my blog here, and I hope you will help me with my endeavour by spreading the word 🙂

Like I always say, dance like no one’s watching, write like no one’s reading 😉

P.S Since you have it made it this far, might as well give me a follow on your favourite social media. You can find me here:

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