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5 Pro Tips to Increase Domain Authority In 2022

If you’ve read anything related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must know that it is important to increase the domain authority of the website.

New sites naturally have a lower domain authority which makes it difficult to compete with those sites that are prioritized by the search engines.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything about domain authority, how to check it, and how you can quickly improve it?

What is domain authority and why does it matter?

Domain authority “DA” is a metric created by Moz that lets users know how likely it is that your website will rank higher in SERPS.

It is the actual number of relevant backlinks, links to your website from different reputable sites your website has.

Moz has created this metric to help users figure out where they rank on online searches.

The metric will give you a number from 1-100, that tells you how well trusted your site is by search engines.

The domain authority score of a website matters a lot in ranking a website high in SERPs.

When a user enters a random search term: “benefits of online marketing,” there are likely hundreds of relevant pages that are targeting that keyword.

Google has to make a decision on which page they want to show first in the result pages.

Therefore, they are looking for the relevancy of the content as well as sites that have a history of creating trusted content. This is where the domain authority comes in.

How to check the DA score of a website?

Knowing the domain authority can help users create and improve their marketing plans.

The best way to check the DA score is to use the Moz Explorer tool and their free MozBar Chrome extension.

Multiple online domain authority checking tools enable you to check the DA of your website.

The online DA PA checker also uses the Moz metrics to calculate the domain authority of any site.

Along with the DA score, these online tools also help users to analyze the spam score, backlinks profile, and authority of a site.

Further, in this post, we are going to tell you some of the most useful tips that can help you increase the domain authority of a website in 2022.

5 Pro Tips to Increase the Domain Authority

1. Focus on Quality Link Building

Building quality and relevant links are the first things that you should focus on when it comes to domain authority.

Because this is one of the biggest signals that Google is looking for in a website.

If a huge number of high-quality websites are linking with your site, then it means that they trust your website and Google notices this.

If you have started building quality links, then the best way to do this is by running a quick backlink audit.

You can use Ahrefs to audit your backlinks profile and this will show your current backlink profile.

Here is our method of using Ahref for SEO purposes.

It will highlight any of the harmful backlinks that you want to remove from your site.

These online tools also enable you to analyze the backlink profile of your competitor to explore quality links.

Always try to get backlinks only from those websites that are high enough to boost your site.

2. Remove the Harmful Backlinks

It is quite easy to get backlinks from those websites that have low domain authority scores.

As we have mentioned above, make a quick audit of your website and search for harmful links.

These tools will highlight all the toxic links that you have, showing you the individual backlink.

Most of the tools also tell the overall ratio of the positive-to-toxic links as well.

They will also show the number of all referring domains you are getting backlinks from.

After completing auditing, make a detailed list of backlinks you need to start working on.

If you can remove them manually, then do so. Otherwise, use different SEO techniques to remove those toxic links that have no longer access to the site.

3. Create Unique Content

If you want to have solid domain authority, focus on building good quality content.

Create posts containing rich information that is easy to read and helps in getting links from other sites.

To create quality content, start by aligning what your business does with what readers are looking for.

Don’t forget to create content in other formats including infographics, and social media posts.

Some of the main aspects of creating user-engaging content are:

  • Always focus on evergreen content that answers questions being asked by the audience time and again
  • Organize your content by creating heading and subheadings
  • Break up your article by creating paragraphs of not more than 3-4 lines
  • Use numbered listing or bullet points wherever you need to organize the lists of information
  • Try to add infographics to entertain the audience

4. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, websites have come full circle. We started on the small computer screens and moved to larger monitors.

Now it is time to accommodate even smaller screens than we started with, mobile devices.

In the summer of 2015, Google searches were carried out via mobile rather than on the desktop for the very first time.

When we talk about the “mobile-friendly” website, we are discussing displaying a different version of a website to the readers.

The first step in making your site mobile-friendly is choosing the mobile responsive theme or template.

Google recommends this because it helps to make your website more accessible to the readers.

To create a mobile-friendly site, all you need to do is:

  • Always choose a mobile responsive theme or template
  • Make image and other infographics as light as possible
  • Try to avoid Flash
  • Space out the links on your site
  • Eliminate the pop-ups and use a readable font

5. Boost on the Social Presence

Google looks at the social signals including retweets and shares of the content when checking the DA score.

This factor doesn’t weigh as heavily as the other factors like backlinks and content. However, it can make a positive impact on changing the domain authority score as soon as possible.

Always try to find different ways to prove the content. This will definitely get more traffic to the site and help in boosting the DA score at the same time.

Also, make sure that you are sharing blog posts, images, videos, and other lead magnets with unique and interesting descriptions. 

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    I think building quality, in-depth, useful, well-optimized content for your readers is the most important point. It’s easier, then, get mentions and backlinks, once you have these pillar articles.
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