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Top 10 SEO courses in Jaipur to rank in Google Search


An average person spends 142 minutes per day on social media in 2021. Globally!


Now if you want to be easily visible to these people every time they look for something in your niche, what would you need?

It’s okay, do not stress over it if you don’t know the answer.

The answer is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in the digital marketing industry. 

Here is a list of the best SEO Courses in Jaipur.

It makes you visible to people on the internet when they search for services associated with your business through organic search via google, bing, yahoo, etc.

In other words, it helps you get refined and organic traffic to your website which will help the search engines to rank your website’s authority and credibility.

In the present scenario, there is a rapid growth in the importance of SEO.

A majority of the start-ups and other business owners are actively investing to rank and optimize their sites through Search Engine Optimization strategies and Digital Marketing strategies.

But you might have a question in your mind, 

How to learn SEO? 

Frankly speaking, the process of learning SEO needs a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. 

Remember, every bit of your hard work is worth it in the end. 

But, anyone and everyone can learn SEO. You don’t have to be an engineer or an advanced degree holder. 

All you need to know is simple English with basic knowledge about computers and how to use the google search engine. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be learned by students, housewives, business owners, and anyone who is willing to spend time and learn the right techniques to master the skill. 

It may take a while to acquire knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and Digital Marketing strategies. But, remember

“Patience is a virtue.” 

Now the next and serious question arises. 

Where can I learn an SEO course? 

Which is the best SEO training institute? 

To answer your question I have shortlisted ten SEO courses in Jaipur. Exclusively for you. 

Silence Everyone’s Opinion – SEO 


Get your confidence and start your journey with the Best SEO training in Jaipur. 

List of SEO Courses in Jaipur

1. Quibus Trainings: 

SEO courses in Jaipur

Quibus training is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Jaipur which offers a 4 monthly digital marketing mastery course that covers almost 30+ advanced marketing modules.

The founder of Quibus Training academy Mr. Paramveer is a well-experienced digital marketing trainer and google certified professional. 

He has trained more than 1000 students and helped them to have a successful careers in digital marketing. 

● Quibus training offers both online and offline courses for SEO training. It also has other courses such as Social Media Marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, content writing, etc. 

● They conduct live and interactive sessions via zoom

● They provide 100% job assistance after the course

● They also have internship facilities for their students who have completed the entire course. 

So, if you are looking for an exceptional and the best SEO training institute in Jaipur for an SEO program, then Quibus Digital marketing institute is your one-stop solution. 

Course Outline: 

1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Keyword research 

3. SEO- friendly website Architecture 

4. On-page SEO 

5. Off-page SEO 

6. Content writing 

7. Link popularity and page rank 

8. Website performance and server issues 

9. Measuring the success 

10. Knowledge about SEO 

11. Overall SEO strategy


Address: 46, first floor, mukta nand nagar, gopalpura 

Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302018 

Phone no: +918502002002 

Website : 

2. SCK (SEO Career Kickstarter) Program

SEO Courses in Jaipur

The SCK program by Sanjay Shenoy is the best SEO training course in Jaipur. You get the opportunity to work on a live project in this SEO training program. 

Also, there is cashback involved, which increases the execution and completion rate of the program. Hence, getting good results out of it.


1. What is SEO? 

2. Introduction to SERP 

3. What are search engines 

4. How search engines work 

5. Major functions of search engines 

6. What are keywords

7. Different types of keywords 

8. Google keyword planner tool 

9. Keyword research process 

10. Understanding keyword mix 

11. Google operator 

12. On-page optimization 

13. Off-page optimization 

14. Local SEO 

15. SEO strategy 

16. Optimization of exact Keywords etc. 

For further details about the course 


Address: Online

Apply Here: SCK Program

3. VentureHeap Academy

SEO courses in Jaipur

VentureHeap Academy was founded in the year 2018 as an extension of their parent company VentureHeap Digital Services Pvt Ltd. 

They are highly recommended and one of the prestigious academies in Jaipur.

They provide both online and offline SEO classes in Jaipur. 


1. SEO fundamentals 

2. Keyword research 

3. Setting up a website for SEO 

4. Technical SEO 

5. On-page SEO 

6. Off-page SEO 

7. Local SEO 

8. Advance SEO topics 

Course Duration: 6 weeks 

Time: 2 hours (Mon – Fri) 

● Mode: online and offline (classroom)

● 100% practical and hands-on practice 

Free internship opportunity once the course is completed For more details about the course, 


Phone no. : +917665542542 

Mail : [email protected] 


4. SEO Engineers Academy

SEO courses in Jaipur

The SEO engineers academy’s founder Dinkar Jangir is an entrepreneur and senior digital marketing analyst.

More than 1000+ students have been trained in SEO EngineersAcademy over a period of time. They conduct both online and offline classes. 

They have some amazing benefits which include: 

● 100% money-back guarantee in 10 days. 

● Special discounts for BPL cardholders. 

● Lifetime class access and support assistance 

● Interview preparation 

● A correct format of resume writing. 

● 100% placement assistance once the course is completed. ● Internship option available. 

SEO Engineers Academy offers a master digital marketing program that covers all the concepts related to marketing strategies. 

They have specialized advanced SEO program training from expert trainers. 

SEO Engineers Academy has one of the best SEO training programs in Jaipur. 


1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Search engine algorithms 

3. Keyword research 

4. On-page SEO 

5. Off-page SEO 

6. Local SEO 

7. International SEO fundamentals 

8. Website audit 

9. Measuring success

10. Google Search Console 

And much more… 

For further details about SEO related classes 


Address : 

Shop No. 11, Near Apple Residency, Bhargav Optician Lane, Shyam Nagar Metro Station, Jaipur, 

Rajasthan – 302019 

Mail: [email protected] 

Ph no: +918764474451 


5. Dicazo Institute

SEO courses in Jaipur

Dicazo Institute was established in 2007. It is India’s leading multimedia training institute. 

The digital marketing course introduces the top SEO tools used for content optimization, offsite optimization, proper keyword density, competitive optimization, etc. 

They take you from basic to advanced level. Dicazo institute offers an online SEO course. They offer 2 to 3 free SEO demo classes in Jaipur.


1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Picking powerful keywords 

3. Preparing your site 

4. Site indexing (detail) 

5. Content creation (detail) 

6. Submitting to directories 

7. Google console-setup (detailed) 

8. Local SEO and much more… 

For further details on the course curriculum and fees for SEO classes. 


Address : 

A-4, Janta Colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302004 

Ph no: 9887063980 

Mail : [email protected] 

Website : 


SEO courses in Jaipur

Digital Monk SEO course offers a step-by-step practical program even if you have zero knowledge in SEO or Digital marketing. 

In Digital Monk, they believe using easy tactics of learning SEO courses will boost interest in the students to learn digital marketing.

They conduct online SEO classes and follow step-by-step blueprints to understand better. 


1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Keyword research 

3. On-page SEO 

4. Off-page SEO 

5. Resources 

Digital Monk also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee and no questions asked. 

For further details on the course 


Ph no: +918310657401 

Mail: [email protected] 


7. Tecida Training

SEO courses in Jaipur

Tecida Training institute is a digital marketing premium institute in Jaipur. 

They have a dedicated certification course for SEO and various other modules such as Social Media Marketing (SMM) training, sales funnel

training, WordPress training, digital product creation, and many more courses are available according to your need. 

Tecida training SEO classes in Jaipur focused on practical knowledge and practical information more than only theory. 

If you are looking for full-fledged training, then, Tecida Training Institute offers a full Digital marketing course. 

After the completion of Digital marketing training, they provide you with an official certificate from the institute of Hubspot academy. 

Tecida training institute teaches everything in a step-by-step manner and even makes it simple to understand the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 


1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Keyword research 

3. On-page SEO 

4. Off-page SEO 

For more details 


Address : 

90/34, Taxila Mandir Marg, 

Near Patel Marg Chauraha, 



Ph no : +919890620265 

Mail : [email protected] 


8. EIIM – Edusolutions Institute Of Internet Marketing

SEO courses in Jaipur

EIIM is a leading digital marketing and website development training institute in Jaipur. 

Their program, the Certified Internet Marketing Professional course (CIMP) is specially designed to get jobs in the digital marketing field. 

And give in-depth practical knowledge about internet marketing techniques. 

In short, this program CIMP is designed specially to implement theoretical knowledge practically. 

This course is basically for everyone such as students, housewives, freelancers, business owners and many other people who know basic English and the basics of computers. 

EIIm’s certified internet marketing teaches in-depth concepts about various modules of Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SMM, SEM, etc, which gives more advantages to SEO professionals. 

They focus and make you understand each module and help you in unbecoming a good SEO executive or Digital Marketing professional.

Below are the course details for the CIMP program 

1. Website development 

2. UXD 

3. Local SEO 

4. Organic SEO 

5. SEM / PPC 

6. Display ad 

7. Social Media Optimization (SMO) 

8. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

9. Blogging 

10. Email marketing 

11. Web engagement 

12. Hubspot 

13. Remarketing 

14. Google analytics 

15. Ad sense 

16. Banner ad 

17. Referral marketing 

18. Affiliate marketing 

19. Earning from youtube – Youtube marketing 20. Freelancing 

21. E-commerce 

22. E-business 

23. Web speed/ security 

24. Orm 

25. Content writing 

26. Startup business classes 

For more details on the CIMP program 


Ph no: +919358603878 

Mail: [email protected] 


9. JSDM – Jaipur School Of Digital Marketing

SEO courses in Jaipur

JSDM was established in the year 2009 and since then its been an innovative and creative SEO institute in Jaipur. It’s one of the fastest-growing digital marketing institutes in Jaipur. 

They have trained 2,300+ students and 550+ batches have been educated so far. 

Jaipur School of digital marketing educated enthusiastic students with real-time projects and practical training. 

They specialize in various fields such as 

● Digital marketing course 

● E-mail marketing course 

● Pay per click training 

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training 

● Social Media Marketing (SMM) training 

● Social Media Optimization (SMO) Training 

And the best part is they offer a dedicated SEO course, JDSM’s SEO course includes the following.


1. What is SEO? 

2. History of SEO 

3. Keyword research 

4. On-page SEO 

5. Off-page SEO 

6. SEO tools 

7. Search Engine Algorithms 

For more details about the course 


Address : 

103/66A, First Floor Patel Marg, 

Madhyam Marg, Manasarovar 



Ph no: +917427827766 / +919887772550 

Mail : [email protected] 

Website : 

10. IIDE – Indian Institute Of Digital Education

SEO courses in Jaipur

IIDE was established in the year 2016 and it has been awarded as India’s best digital learning institute by the Indian education congress in awards 2020.

Due to the pandemic, IIDE has started educating on online platforms for weekly live sessions. Students can also have one-on-one sessions with the trainers to solve their doubts and queries. 

They offer a complete online digital marketing course for 3 months, where you can learn all the concepts under one program. 

And they offer 13+ short-term certification courses which include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses that are conducted online. 

For further information on short-term certification and online digital marketing courses, kindly visit their website. 

IIDE’s online SEO course is collectively simplified to understand all the aspects of SEO. 


1. Introduction to SEO 

2. Keyword research 

3. On-page SEO 

4. Google-proofing 

5. Off-page SEO 

6. Google search console 

7. Blackhat techniques 

For further details 


Ph no : +919619958615 

Mail : [email protected]

Website : 


Though there are many institutes for digital marketing training, where you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge to understand SEO strategies. 

To master SEO skills or any skill for that matter, you need to be dedicated and consistent. The whole idea is to strategize and technically implement the knowledge to increase the organic traffic towards your website and boost your business. 

I hope the above shortlisted 10 SEO training institutes in Jaipur will help you to decide which digital marketing course to opt for. 

Make sure before joining any institute, you are satisfied with your mentor and institute atmosphere. 


SEO means “Strategise Energize and Optimize” 

Hope you find this article helpful. 

Let me know if you know of any other good institutes than the above-mentioned institutes.

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